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TJ and Nicole get together to share the story of how they met and their adventures prior to meeting their dear Christina.

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It's our monthly live show on! Christina is joined by Scott the Satyr of The Satyrsphere. Make sure you wish Scott a Happy Birthday today!

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We talk about The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies and we give tons of spoilers!

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Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year to everyone!

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Nicole and Christina discuss health. Also, we have a winner of the Word of the Week contest!

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It's the GFN monthly live show on with special guests Baron Frosti of Next Blime and Captain Scott the Satyr of The Satyrsphere!

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Next Blime Podcast

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The Satyrsphere Podcast

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Nicole and Christina have met the MPP!

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Christina is graduating from her weight loss class, while Nicole realizes she works with pod people who do not get pop culture references.

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Nicole has had to give up sugar for her health and Christina is on a workout kick. JOIN THE BIG BLUE TEST!

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