Greetings From Nowhere
Small town quirks and coolness.

Christina is sad, but Nicole has plenty of stories to help her laugh.

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Our monthly live show on! With special guest TJ!

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Christina and Nicole discuss the White House intruder and the resulting Boston Herald political cartoon gone wrong. Christina also expresses her adoration for a podcasting celebrity and we have another postcard from the MPP!

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It's Christina's birthday!

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We have a contest!

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Christina and Nicole hijacked the stream after the Saturday Vegas live shows were done! They are joined by Timmy Simms, David that Blue Jeans Guy, Matt from Chubs Gone Wild, Melanie from DQYDJ, Mags from Chaotic Ravings, and Kiraniumbra.

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Nicole has a birthday this week!

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Show art photo credit: Kent Henderson Photography

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Christina attempts to host a live show by herself...this is a collossal mistake. Luckily, RT Cruiser stops by to save the day!

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Nicole lost her iPod, but then she found it again. Christina is ranty after her vacation.

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Christina is joined by Taylor T. Latteboy of Pod is my Copilot!

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