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Part 2 of our super long episode!

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This show went long, so we split it into two!

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Look Satyr, a 20 minute show!

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Nicole and Christina talk about birthdays, being sick,and unbidden masturbation

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Daniel joins Christina to talk about their Atheism and the things they find weird about religion.

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Lots of holiday cards and family time recap!

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GFNs34 - Star Wars Episode 7 WITH SPOILERS

Nicole, Christina, Bob, and the wonderful Scott the Satyr join forces to discuss the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie and all things generally nerdy.


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Merry Christmas from Nicole and Christina!

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Nicole and Christina discuss baking and sexual assault. It's a well rounded sort of show this week.

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We have a Thanksgiving recap and a holiday wish for more charitable giving!

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