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Part 2 of our episode this week. We talked a lot!

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Part 1 of a two part episode for those travelling to Las Vegas this week.

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Daniel Brewer from Dubious Intent + is our special cohost this week. Sadly, neither of us have anythinh to talk about so this show is a giant Pride48 Vegas update with some random stories thrown in.

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Nocole saw TJ in Cabaret! It was wonderful. Christina saw The Fantastic Four. It was not.

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Nicole and Christina discuss the online fervor that erupted after Cecil the Lion was killed. Also shopping, new Kindles, and Walmart.

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Christina shares her week and Nicole has a book recommendation and movie review!

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Politics! Politics! Politics!

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Christina has a comment for Adam and Daniel of Dubious Intent+, also Ant Man and some podcast pimp outs!

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Here's the monologue Nicole wrote and performed for Chelan County PUD's Info Cruise last week. Intro by Christina!

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4TH of July fun and frivolity!

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