Greetings From Nowhere
Small town quirks and coolness.

Nicole and Christina discuss the wildfires in Washington State.

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Nicole and Christina are joined by Daniel Brewer to celebrate the triumphant return of The Minion Army!

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Due to the actions of one childish individual, the GFN Minion Army is on hiatus indefinitely.

Email all complaints to:



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Nicole and Christina discuss the newest Supreme Court decisions.

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Our live show from the Pride48 live streaming June weekend!

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Christina and Nicole recap Fathers Day weekend.

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We waited two whole weeks to talk about this one to give you all time to see it!

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Spoiler Warning! Do not listen to this until you have seen Maleficent!

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Much talk of Game of Thrones. We have mail and we read an important email.

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The election for mayor of Squarestown is nigh. VOTE FOR TJ!

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